Hi! I'm Peyton and I've been living in Bellingham for the past 7 years. My mom was a travel nurse when I was growing up which meant that I had the privilege of living in 8 different states, house hopping, and helping my mom remodel homes most of my life. So to say I'm familiar with buying, selling, and home improvement is an understatement! Having been around an array of Realtors, I've shared the excitement of searching for homes, and the joy of finally purchasing them. Combined with the joy that helping others brings me, it's no wonder that real estate has turned out to be a perfect fit.

I work at Brandon Nelson Partners as Paulina and Jacson's Administrative Assistant. Learning the ropes from these two hardworking and thoughtful people has taught me so much about the inner-workings of Real Estate. You can spot me in action behind every transaction assuring that things run smoothly.

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