Located between south Lake Whatcom and the town of Alger is the small, platted subdivision of Glenhaven. When Heather and I first moved to Washington, it was here that we spent day after day looking for our first home. We were sold on its relaxed atmosphere, the affordable starter homes, the even more-affordable building lots where I could use my carpentry skills and craft our first home from the ground up. In the end, we settled a couple miles further north in Sudden Valley, but to this day Glenhaven has a spot in my heart for its charm.

Glenhaven Way of Life

At the center of the subdivision are two trout-stocked lakes, 72-acre Cain Lake and its smaller sister, Reed Lake . Both lakes are lined with houses but do offer some decent fishing and floating around in the heat of summer. Fishing on Cain Lake is open from the last Saturday in April to October 31st.

On the north shore of Cain Lake is the Glenhaven “Island” where you’ll find the park and beach areas, a clubhouse, swimming pool, sports courts and playground. Check out the photo gallery below to get a sense of this beautiful and valuable resource available to all Glenhaven residents.

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Glenhaven Lakes Club

The subdivision is managed by the Glenhaven Lakes Club (GLC), which consists of a board of directors and an architectural and zoning committee. Like most homeowner’s associations, they charge nominal dues ($200 year for most residences, depending on the number of tax parcels owned), hold meetings to discuss exisiting and new policy and rules, encourage member participation, schedule and organize community events, manage and care for the facilities, etc. You can read all about the GLC, as well as access the articles of incorporation and CC & Rs HERE.


Children living in Glenhaven and attending public schools go to the Mt. Baker School District.
The Elementary School for Glenhaven is Acme Elementary.
The Middle School for Glenhaven is Mt. Baker Junior High.
The High School for Glenhaven is Mt. Baker High School.